I met Jay a year ago when I decided to embark on the reef tank journey. From the moment I met Jay, I was impressed with his knowledge, and his zest for keeping things 'simple'. A year later, my tank was up, running and doing fantastic. I contacted Jay for design plans for putting my sump and filtration in the basement. He responded by email in less than 30 minutes with a hand drawn sketch... When it was time for me to pull the trigger, Jay had started TFG Aquarium Services. It only seemed right to hire a professional to make the transition to the basement, someone with years of knowledge.. TFG was it! He showed up on time, as usual (no surprise) he was very professional and during the transition, he cared for my system as if it was his own.

Just talk to Jay for 5 minutes and you'll realize he IS The Fish Guy! He is an indispensable part of my new hobby and I can't wait to have him assist me on more reef projects.

As for moving my filtration to the basement, well, it is easily the best investment I have made to date. My office (fish room) is now silent. I have ample room to work on and maintain my system and I now have the ability to expand the system beyond the constraints of a tank stand.  Mangrove tank anyone?? :)

Thanks Jay, you ARE The Fish Guy!



I had Jay over to my home to look and go over my 150 gallon reef/ fish tank and tell me what I may need. Jay has tons of knowledge and experience so I knew I had the right guy for the job. He spent time going over my system and did some testing and found I did need another piece of equipment that would further benefit my corals. I purchased this equipment through him, hooked it up with his help and lo and behold four weeks later my tank looks amazing. I recommend him for all your Aquarium needs!